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A leading company in the real estate field based in Dubai and its major activity is to manage, purchase, sell and develop lands and properties.
Our vision is to play an active role locally in real estate investment whilst provisioning real estate opportunities distinctive to our customers, achieving profitable and sustained revenue. With our strategic partners we strive in identifying market developments and trends in line with our strategic goals.

Our mission relies on the strategy of providing our customers with the highest level of quality in the construction field with the assurance of projects being completed in fair time and at reasonable cost. We are committed to preserve our integrity and professionalism with our customers.

Trigono’s vision is to be an innovative developer with a passionate commitment to providing modern designed homes in the best locations in Dubai. Our objective is quality over quantity at a reasonable price, with the target of satisfying the end consumer. This is achieved through careful research and attention to every detail.
With Trigono Investors will achieve healthy yields and tenants will enjoy great facilities and services.

As Dubai expands its course of development high rise buildings and real estate properties. Trigono Developments introduced their finest project at the heart of the city. The50 - The Future of Modern Living. With numerous advantage and top-tier architectural designs getting in line with other developers inside Dubailand

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The50 - The Future of Dubailand

The50 - The Face of Dubai's Future Development

Building of The50 starts its breakthrough at the heart of Dubailand

Reservations, inquiries & interest expands in early 2019

While building its foundation, reservations and onsite visits have arised to get their ideal space

Trigono announces the residential project in Dubailand

The50 showcases Trigono's Vision of creating modern aesthetic homes that appeals to Dubai residents

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